The Borrowing Process


Open an account

Creating an account is free and easy, allowing real estate borrowers and investors to connect directly to fund loans for commercial and non-owner occupied residential properties.



Borrowers present a request for a loan

A borrower will submit the details of their loan request through the Blackhawk Portal. All loans funded through Blachawk are asset backed, secured by real property and can be obtained for a variety of purposes including fix and flip, construction, hard money, bridge financing.



Borrowers procure loan

Borrowers meeting lending guidelines will progress to the funding stage when enough interest from financial backers is displayed. A national title company will disburse funds to the borrower from an escrow account.


What we do for Borrowers

Peer Interest Rates

Friendly rates for borrowers turned away by banks and lower than other financing alternatives. Peers post loan requests including their acceptable rate and terms.

  • Faster closing times
  • Transparent lending process
  • Quick and easy qualification