Michael Ping


Michael has 27 years of experience creating successful business ventures. In 1995 he founded eBioCare, which he sold a mere 6 years later for 60 million dollars. Michael then became interested in the world of real estate investing and development. When the credit collapse of 2007 led to problems in the industry, Michael realized that obtaining financing for real estate was suddenly very difficult. The red tape created by financial institutions prevented buyers from obtaining the funds for their projects, despite there being interested investors. Michael decided to help alleviate this predicament by creating an automated real estate brokering platform for commercial and investment properties, which is not tied to any specific institutional investors, but instead focuses on matching the best capital partner for each client. Michael understands the unique needs of his clients and has created the Blackhawk company to provide a full capital stack solution utilizing the best lender/investor matches to suit those individual needs.


At age 47, Michael competed in a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fundraiser against a 27 year old fighter and ruled decisively. Michael also holds a special place in his heart for his home town of San Francisco.

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