Matthew Stasior


Matthew is a Fintech pioneer, a business development executive, and a trusted advisor for Blackhawk Investments Corp. He started his career at Bain and Company with Mitt Romney, and then moved over to working with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer when Microsoft was still a startup. In just 6 years, he helped grow Microsoft to over $4 billion in sales.

Matthew cofounded an internet company that went public and started a Fintech company called Direct IPO. It was purchased by an investment bank and became Micro Cap 1000, then Global Net, which raised $80 million on the AIM exchange. Recently, Matthew headed a Fintech company backed by billion-dollar equity fund, Elliot Management, and he served as CSO for an online lender, Nationwide Lending.


Matthew graduated from Harvard University magna cum laude in Honors Economics. He was the #1 Microsoft Salesperson in the West and #2 in entire country. Most importantly, Matthew is the proud father of his 5 year old daughter, Bella.

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