Peer to Peer Investing is The Way to Invest and Borrow

Peer to Peer investing, a type of market place lending is an online based platform that connects lenders and borrowers directly. This kind of real estate lending is asset-backed and has advantages over traditional banks and financial institutions. For investors, peer to peer real lending allows them to break into the residential and commercial mortgage market where they would otherwise find it difficult to do so. These investments are typically low risk and yield high returns. Borrowers who do not have access to the credit market can benefit from the opportunities offered by this type of framework.

Peer to Peer for Commercial Real Estate Investing

Working with the right peer to peer company can translate into some great opportunities for both the investor and borrower who are looking to get into the real estate market. Such a company is experienced in all aspects relating to commercial real estate investing. This means that the company is easily able to assess risks and offer the investor a good return on their investment. This is usually between six and 11 percent annually.

Investing with a good company also allows for a secured investment. These investments are typically secured in a trust deed. Lastly, investors can enjoy a fixed maturity date. This can range from one to three years depending on the terms of agreement.

It is not just the investor who has a lot to gain from a good peer to peer company. People looking for commercial real estate loans and benefit from friendly rates, usually lower than what the banks are willing to offer. Borrowers can usually post their loan request coupled with their preferred rate and terms. These can be negotiated to ensure that both the investor and the borrower are happy.

Peer to peer marketplaces also enjoy faster closing times. Once a loan is approved, the borrower can gain access to their money from their checking account. The loan application and qualification is also fast and easy.

Peer to peer investing is transforming the real estate and financial world.  Blackhawk has taken the lead in providing service for Commercial Lending and is dedicated to facilitating smooth peer to peer transactions.  With a social lending platform, whether you would like to invest in commercial real estate or finance your next project, Blackhawk can help you find a match.  Log on to for more information.

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