Peer to Peer at a Glance with Blackhawk Investment Corp.

Peer to Peer lending, also known as person to person lending, is a fast growing business model that provides opportunities to borrow and invest through Peer investors. The Peer to Peer lending method has eliminated the traditional financial intermediaries through online platforms and private investors. While most P2P lending companies like Lending Club and Prosper are unsecured loans with a cap of $35,000. Blackhawk Investments is adventuring into the world of secured loans involving commercial and investment property owners.

A Real Estate Secured Loan is when you borrow money, and use a “Trust Deed” from an existing property as collateral. The “Trust Deed,” is legal proof that ensures investors will be compensated for their investment.

Borrowers looking for real estate loans through Blackhawk Investments, are paired up with interested investors. It is a much faster process than the average bank loan. Investors not only profit from the return, but can actually decide which loans they would like to invest in.

Secured Loans are safer for the lenders and the borrowers alike. If the debt can not be paid, the promised property can be sold through the foreclosure procedure and both parties walk away without further legal action.

Blackhawk Investments is an up and coming P2P lending platform without having to go through the traditional bank lending policies. As bank loans are getting harder to qualify for, even for those with fair credit, Blackhawk Investments is providing an outlet for those who are qualified both through a conventional institution or by Peer investors.

By: Kimberly Beers
Intern Writer with Blackhawk Investments

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