Cannabis Business Loans for Real Estate

The acquisition of real estate is one of the many challenges in opening a marijuana-related business. The problem that many entrepreneurs in the medical marijuana industry find is that there is a lack of available financing options for their buildings since federally chartered banks and credit unions cannot offer financing because marijuana is not legal at the federal level. This results in a need for alternative financing, like private money. Blackhawk Investments’ peer-to-peer loan brokering platform provides hopeful cannabis business owners quick and easy access to private capital funding.

Our network of investors will provide MMJ financing for marijuana warehouses (grow houses), kitchens, and retail store-front properties. Blackhawk’s private money lenders will provide the money you need to purchase or refinance an existing property. Our lenders will also provide funding for a purchase or refinancing for owners maintaining MMJ tenants. With Blackhawk, you may even get cash-out financing for working capital and/or tenant improvements using private money lenders.

As an alternative to purchasing your own MMJ real estate, you can find an investor to become a landlord for you. Blackhawk has investors available who are looking to purchase buildings for MMJ use. Some of our investors may even help finance improvements and upgrades that are requested by their tenant. Our investors can provide long-term leasing option to their tenants and even negotiate an option to purchase the property down the line.

Blackhawk Investments will match private money loans for real estate use by cannabis-related business’s which are properly licensed in the following states: Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, and Washington. In these 8 states, the sale and possession of cannabis is legal for both medical and recreational use.

Our general guidelines for cannabis business loans:

  • The property is a suitable type to qualify for a cannabis commercial loan
  • The property is in one of the legalized states listed above
  • The property Loan to Value (LTV) ratio is up to 80%
  • The loan amount is between $100,000 and $5 Million

If you are looking for real estate financing for a marijuana-related business, you need to look no further. Apply with Blackhawk and you can be prequalified in as little as 1 day. If you are an investor interested in providing capital for marijuana real estate ventures, please sign up to invest!