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Interview with Michael Ping, Blackhawk Founder

Interview by Peggy Spear Michael Ping has an easy analogy when describing his concept of marketplace lending at Blackhawk Corp: It’s kind of like investment online dating,” he says.  “We help match up the interested lenders with the appropriate borrowers.” That’s... Read More

Blackhawk Investments Review – P2P Lending for Real Estate Investors

If you’re familiar with Lending Club, then you already have a general idea of what Blackhawk Corp. is. There is however, one notable exception – where Lending Club is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform for personal loans, Blackhawk is a... Read More

Real Estate Crowdfunding Turns 75

From 10 eighteen months ago, to 50 six months ago, to 75 today, real estate crowdfunding platforms are launching at a torrid pace. This frenzy is destined to accelerate, with at least 15 additional platforms in pre-launch and many more... Read More

Blackhawk Investment Corp. – Making it Easy for People to Obtain Commercial Real Estate Loans

For many years, Blackhawk Investment Corp has facilitated small investors in gaining access to commercial real estate loans that they can’t qualify for in most commercial banks. Because banks and other traditional lending institutions have disqualified many people who are... Read More