Learn about Blackhawk’s Improved Services for Borrowers and Lenders

Blackhawk has come up with a form of lending and investment where both the borrower and the lender feel at ease. As you may know, most commercial banks operate on secured investments. That is why borrowers need to have a form of collateral when they apply for a loan from traditional banks. Since its establishment, the Blackhawk has been offering its own form of secured loans to borrowers while lenders get even higher returns from their investments.

Like many financial processes, getting a loan may require you to abide by some rules that your lender has set up. Such rules differ from one lender to another, based on the type of lender you are dealing with, which tend to turn down many borrowers looking to obtain such loans. Some of the available lenders include:

  • Social lending networks
  • Families and friends
  • Financial institutions
  • Commercial banks

Of the listed lenders, Blackhawk takes advantage of the first option, lending money to borrowers without stringent rules experienced when dealing with banks. The style of peer-to-peer investing from Blackhawk has come at the right time to fill the gap left by banks in the commercial and residential mortgage market. The returns are higher for investors, in fact, up to 11% annual interest rate is achievable. For borrowers, they get the money in time to invest in various projects without strict rules as experienced with banks.

Whatever your reason for getting a loan, you need to prove to your lender that you will be able to repay your loan. That is why some lenders include collaterals as part of their lending procedure. If you fail to fail to repay the loan as agreed, the lender has the right to seize the collateral. In Blackhawk’s strategy, the borrower’s real estate serves as collateral for the loan.


Vincent Garibaldi

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