Blackhawk Peer Investing Opening Financial Real Estate Doors

Blackhawk Investment Corp has launched and is currently running a revolutionary peer-to-peer online lending platform that connects borrowers in search of a mortgage loan to investors. Due to banks and other traditional lending institutions regularly turning down borrowers, Blackhawk has decided to fill this gap and cater to the individuals who may be locked out of ever acquiring a mortgage because of government restrictions. Blackhawk can connect borrowers to financing for investment properties and commercial real estate projects as well.

Blackhawk launched their beta website in February 2013 and developed their workflow system in conjunction with the required matching algorithms in June of 2013. By the end of 2013 they had funded nearly $15,000,000 in commercial loans. Blackhawk’s investor database now stands at a mighty several billion with much more to come.

Even though many banks have stopped providing financing for commercial mortgages, there is still a high demand for these services. Peer-to-peer lending is the perfect alternative to ensuring there is money for these borrowers’ real estate projects – and there are many benefits for the lenders as well.

While most peer-to-peer lenders issue unsecured loans, the risk involved with peer investing with Blackhawk is low for lenders because the loans are secured by the borrower’s real estate. This unique feature makes the process more compact and prequalifies loans that would otherwise be rejected by most banks. In addition, there’s also a return on investment in terms of the interest that is charged on the loans given. Once the borrower begins repaying the loan, the lender enjoys a steady income stream and the return has proven to be higher than those received from traditional investments like stocks or savings accounts.


Vincent Garibaldi

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