Blackhawk Investment Corp Revolutionizes Commercial Real Estate Loans

Blackhawk Investment Corp is changing the way people access commercial real estate loans, providing a unique opportunity for both investors and clients. Speaking of the unique P2P platform service and the way the company is setting standards in the industry, Blackhawk Investment Corp founder and CEO Michael Ping said, “We have platforms where investors can identify and vet projects, specifically for the commercial real estate market. We create the ability to auto-broker to ensure the best rates for borrowers and investors.” Currently among the services the company provides targeting the real estate market is trust deed investing among other unique product packages.

The difference provided by Blackhawk investment stems from its ability to take away the middlemen like commercial mortgage brokers and provide the lenders and borrowers with a platform to meet and match their terms. The spread of peer-to-peer lending in the real estate market has come as a result of traditional financiers like banks abandoning the industry. This is the gap Blackhawk aims to fill by providing innovative packages to both investors and people seeking financing.

The adoption of innovative ways to boost both returns to the investor and get the lowest interest rates to the borrower is the solution to this credit gap. This has led to Blackhawk becoming the one company that offers asset secured loans. This lowers the risk on the part of lenders while at the same time making it possible to prequalify loans which would have been rejected elsewhere.  The secured loans approach is credited with faster closing times for those seeking financing.

Blackhawk Investment Corp launched its beta website in February 2013 and by June of the same year the company had a fully set up a workflow system complete with fitting algorithms. By the end of the year the company had funded about $15,000,000 commercial loans. This growth has seen the company reach several billions in investor database. The rapid growth has been attributed to the company’s unique benefits to both investors in terms of steady income and guaranteed loans with a fast process and low interest rates on the side of borrowers.


Vincent Garibaldi

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