Blackhawk Investment Corp. – Making it Easy for People to Obtain Commercial Real Estate Loans

For many years, Blackhawk Investment Corp has facilitated small investors in gaining access to commercial real estate loans that they can’t qualify for in most commercial banks. Because banks and other traditional lending institutions have disqualified many people who are sourcing for financing, the Blackhawk team has taken it upon themselves to provide borrowers with mortgage loans that have very reasonable terms. They connect borrowers looking to fund their commercial real estate projects with investors who are looking to fund profitable ventures. Those who have used their services have been able to get financing for their real estate projects.

Blackhawk has taken peer-to-peer lending to a whole new level. Ever since they launched their website, they have funded almost $15,000,000 commercial loans. Their success in the peer-to-peer lending business can be attributed to the fact that the company stepped into the business at a time when commercial banks had abandoned the mortgage market. People were not being offered mortgages by their commercial banks and turned to P2P lending.

Real estate crowd funding works a bit differently in that it allows borrowers to share their ideas and projects and then a number of people provide the money to fund that project. The people who come up with the money to fund the real estate project are considered investors and they get a good return for their money once the project is complete. Both parties benefit because the borrower is able to access the money that they need and the investors obtain their money back together with interest. Crowd funding usually works when the investment is considered a low risk.

Unlike most P2P lending platforms, Blackhawk Investments offers peer-to-peer commercial notes that are backed by real estate. Lenders also have a chance of making more money in P2P investing compared to other forms of investment like certificates of deposit and the stock market. Blackhawk also allows borrowers to access loans with very flexible terms and low interest rates. It facilitates marketplace lending by connecting borrowers to respective lenders.

H2 About Blackhawk Investment Corp.

Blackhawk Investment Corp specializes in peer lending and real estate investment. They match borrowers to their respective lenders by taking advantage of online resources. Blackhawk Investment Corp simplifies the lending process for those looking for serious investors. It also makes it easy for serious investors to find where to place their money.


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