Blackhawk Investment Corp Brings Borrowers and Lenders Together

Blackhawk Becomes First ‘Match Maker’ for Real Estate Lenders and Borrowers

For Immediate Release (California, United States) – When it comes to investment property loans, Blackhawk Investments Corp is leading the way and making a difference.  Their comprehensive yet user-friendly platform allows borrowers and lenders to meet and connect and find the perfect opportunities for investing or borrowing. 

The average bank will take approximately 60 days to close a loan application to give a borrower money, and the process is often complicated and cumbersome. Blackhawk recognized this as a huge barrier for borrowers and decided to take action. Their proprietary software makes the process simple, averaging only 10 days to close an application. Their qualification process is easy and does not compromise the security of the lender, and the lending process is very open and transparent. If you need money for a real estate investment and need money fast, Blackhawk Investments is the company to talk to.

Blackhawk’s platform also offers lenders an opportunity to make interest returns ranging from 6% to 11% per annum.  All commercial real estate loans are secured investments, which means that should the borrower default, the lender gets back principle, fees and interests due.

Blackhawk advises to be wary of players in the market who claim to offer higher interest rates. It is often found that their loans are unsecured, thus increasing the risk of losing an entire investment.  At Blackhawk, not only do they want individuals to do brisk business, they have your back as well in case the borrower does not keep their end of the bargain.

Most of the investments Blackhawk facilitates have maturity dates of 1 – 3 years.  This is just enough for most people as they do not want to lock their money away for too long a period.  At this point, having received some payments along the way, your principle amount is paid out directly to you at the maturity date or earlier and you are then at liberty to reinvest it or keep it in cash.

In addition, trust deed investing with Blackhawk includes pre-vetting all borrowers and ensures they have all of the proper documents.  A risk assessment gives each borrower a credit rating that allows them to make an informed decision on who and what property they want to lend money to.  With borrowers accessing loans easily and quickly and lenders in control of where their money is invested, Blackhawk is the place to be.

Summary: Commercial real estate loans are no longer a headache with Blackhawk Investments Corp.  Borrowers get quick and easy access to funds and investors make a secure investment. To learn more about investment or borrowing opportunities, visit


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