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Funding for your Real Estate Project

Shopping for a loan doesn’t have to be so difficult.  With the rise in P2P lending companies like BlackHawk Investment you can get qualified fast.

Shopping for your next project is an exciting activity. The biggest problem for most people  is the investment. Sourcing for capital for that project can be difficult.

Currently, the hottest trend in the money market is peer-to-peer lending. As the name might suggest this is like getting your friend(s) to loan you the money. However, it does not work in this way exactly.  You get in touch with people from all over the world and they give you money by creating a pool of funds. Doing this is not a simple task. You will need the help of companies like BlackHawk.

Blackhawk is a real estate peer to peer platform that allows real estate investors and borrowers the opportunity to interact with each other across the country.  Generally the process involves creating your account on the platform and then interacting with the lenders. As a lender you get the chance to make secured investments in the real estate industry.  This is now one of the world’s most lucrative industries.

To get those commercial real estate loans don’t hesitate to visit BlackHawk.  There isn’t a single bank on this planet that can match up to the P2P lending rates.  To learn more about the various financing offered at Blackhawk, log on to www.Blackhawkcorp.com and fill out a short form with what you are looking for or call our toll free number today.

Blackhawk Investments Corp Leading the Way in Social Lending

Blackhawk Investments Corp has given people who want to use their money effectively as they watch it grow as an accessible alternative through a convenient online platform.

Blackhawk Investments Corp is an industry leader in peer-to-peer lending. It has eased the process of accessing commercial real estate loans by connecting borrowers and lenders online. The company gives approvals that traditional money lenders are not willing to along with rates that they cannot give. Commercial mortgage brokers ensure that borrowers are able to get the best mortgage rates possible.

Services are provided to meet the mortgage needs of various individuals. Blackhawk provides non-conventional commercial lending services for real estate. It has become increasingly difficult for borrowers to get access to the funds they need because of the strict regulations that traditional lenders impose on them. This is why it has become necessary for lending alternatives to be put in place for the purpose of financing real estate transactions.

Flexibility is essential for borrowers who need to be able to have time saving and flexible finance solutions to meet their needs. Commercial mortgage brokers facilitate a clear process during which everyone involved in the transaction will be able to get full representation. The brokers are committed to the successful fulfillment of real estate transactions regardless of how simple or complex they may turn out to be.

Trust deed investing involves issuing of loans to individuals or groups and these loans are secured through real estate property. Interest is eared by loaning money and if there is a failure to make a repayment the property can be sold to recover the investment that has been made. To maximize on the benefits of trust deed investing it is important to be aware of whom the trust deeds are being purchased from. This ensures that the investment is well protected. It is also important to assess the property involved.

Trust deeds are a worthwhile way of earning interest without the challenges that are associated with actually making a real estate investment. Social lending is an important aspect of effective and result oriented investments. It has made it much easier for borrowers to raise the money they need. It has also given smaller investors the chance to get more from their money.

Fast and Simple Access to Money through Peer Lenders

Peer lenders have the opportunity to loan money for real estate investments, gain high interest rates, and give everyone the chance to invest in large assets.

Getting a loan through a peer lender makes it much easier to get loan requests approved. Peer-to-peer lending is time efficient and makes it possible for people to get the money they need within a short period of time. Borrowers are attracted to this type of finance provider because they can get loans without relying on banks or other traditional lenders. If their previous attempts to get loans from banks were rejected they can take advantage of this alternative.

An attractive feature of peer lending is highly competitive rates as well as term flexibility. The money is borrowed from individuals or groups instead of conventional providers. Peer-to-peer lending pairs up the lenders who want returns on their investment with borrowers who need to borrow money at competitive rates. The rates are agreed on between the two parties involved to ensure that the process is mutually beneficial.

The individuals or groups that are ready and willing to take on a higher risk are able to enjoy higher returns on their investment by giving loans to borrowers whose credit scores are low. People also have the option of lowering their security risk by lending the money to borrowers who have positive credit histories. Interest rates are based on factors such as credit scores.

Peer lenders issue loans through websites that are designed for this purpose. The lender needs to know how much money is required and the amount of time involved. The borrower also needs to be prepared to provide some financial information. Over the years banks have become reluctant to lend and this has left a gap in the market.

Real estate peer-to-peer enables borrowers who need residential or commercial property loans to get connected to lenders. Borrowers do not have to contend with the stringent demands of traditional lenders regarding credit scores and income information. They simply make their requests and negotiate with the available lenders.

Real estate peer-to-peer matches lenders to borrowers who face challenges regarding their credit scores and financial history. As other secured investments fail to yield desirable returns real estate secured loans are gaining popularity. Borrowers often find it difficult for them to get the funding they need because traditional lenders such as banks are not willing to give out loans. Direct lending is a positive addition to the real estate market; it gives more people opportunities to carry out real estate investing.


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Why P2P Investments Are so Reliable

Following the global financial crisis, many people abandoned two previously popular sectors of investment, real estate and financial markets. While the recovery phase is on, many are still weary on investing. The good news is that there is another outlet for your investment with lower risks than before while also providing higher returns. This new area is P2P investing.

Real estate peer-to-peer lending provides those seeking financing of commercial real estate projects and other investment properties with the loans. The loans are provided as either secured P2P loans or unsecured P2P loans. They are preferred since they attract low interest rates while at the same time being easy for qualification while secured P2P loans have collateral to protect a lender’s investment. There are several reasons why investing in P2P is attractive and beneficial. They include the following:

1. High and steady returns at low risks

When compared to other forms of investment, P2P investments are the only ones which combine high returns with little accompanying risk. All the while the income flows at a steady pace. An investor profits from interest rates charged on the loans with unsecured loans attracting higher interest rates. The interest rates are less volatile thus little or no fluctuation on the income you receive.

2. Choice of investment

Unlike other investments, in P2P you have a choice on what to invest in according to your own assessment. You can also diversify your investments. This provides you with control on the investments while also allowing you to mitigate your risks.


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Blackhawk Puts Best Forward in Peer-to-Peer Lending

Since its establishment, Blackhawk Investments Corp has been in the forefront of peer-to-peer lending to provide a platform where investors can connect with borrowers looking for mortgage loans who cannot obtain it from conventional lenders such as banks. Traditional lenders are likely to turn down borrowers based on their in-house policies or other imposed guidelines, which results in many borrowers being locked out of the service. In such circumstances, borrowers turn to P2P lending platforms like Blackhawk where they can have their loans processed in the shortest time possible without many restrictions.

Blackhawk is exceptional in funding commercial loans that borrowers can use to fund their mortgages in the real estate market. With its improved strategic partnerships, the company has been able to expand its customer services. It can now process small loans between $50,000 and $500,000 faster to meet the growing number of clients. Additionally, the company has introduced equity crowd source funding as well as self-directed IRAs, which many investors find beneficial.

When many traditional banks left the investment and commercial mortgage market, it created a gap in the real estate investment market that needed to be filled. To fill the gap, companies such as Blackhawk have stepped in with P2P lending strategies to make money available for borrowers to fund projects in real estate. As a borrower, you can access credit in a faster and easier way than with other traditional lending platforms. On the same note, the lender benefits by charging high interest rates on the loans disbursed. This makes the whole process a win-win situation with low risk, as all loans are backed by real estate properties.

Blackhawk makes it possible for borrowers and lenders to interact and negotiate on a user-friendly platform that makes the entire process transparent. Since there is no intermediary, the process is faster and very direct with both borrowers and lenders interacting on an online forum. The whole process takes place in a click of a mouse, making it convenient for both sides as long as they are connected online.

While many service providers offer P2P loans, Blackhawk stands out as the best provider based on its friendly terms and transparent process by which it enables the lenders and borrowers to interact. It is quick, without hurdles, and both lenders and borrowers find it advantageous.


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Locked Out of Bank Loans? Try P2P Lending

Real estate has its share of challenges, many of which require you to request a loan from a bank. Asset depreciation, fluctuation, and other financial crises provide substantial causes to seek this financial boost. However, many people involved with real estate that approach traditional banks for loans do not necessarily end up getting what they want. Traditional banks have their own rules and guidelines that borrowers have to meet before they qualify for credit. On the flipside, many borrowers do not meet such conditions and are therefore locked out from access to credit.

In such situations, borrowers can turn to real estate peer-to-peer investors who do not require extensive conditions on their loans. P2P loans are available to borrowers who cannot meet the strict borrowing conditions set by traditional banks, or they do not want to access credit from such lending institutions. Once you locate a peer investor through a reliable company such as Blackhawk, you can have your loan processed in a shorter time compared to what it takes in the traditional lending platform.

In the peer-to-peer environment, you interact with your lender directly in a transparent process without an intermediary. Companies running such services have qualified professionals to help clients with various aspects of mortgage financing. They can help you to select the right mortgage plan to meet your needs. The first step in peer-to-peer lending is to identify a reliable company like Blackhawk to ensure that you go through a simple facilitation process.


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