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P2P Lending Penetrates the Real Estate Industry

Peer to Peer lending is one of the best ways to access loans nowadays. It started in small and business loans, but the results that it is bringing are unquestionably great. The fact that it has been able to make its way into the real estate industry is a sign of great things to come.

Peer to Peer lending commonly known as P2P lending is a very simple way of getting loans and it has grown over the past few years. This is probably because of the growth and development of internet technology.  People from all over the world are making use of P2P lending. It is a type of marketplace lending where individuals get to access loans of all sizes. There are so many upcoming P2P lending companies that are coming up, one that really stands out is Black Hawk Corp.

Black Hawk Corp. has grown just like the P2P lending itself. This is one of the most trusted peer lending platforms today. It is one of the few that places their focus in the Commercial real estate industry. There are many people who want to make money in real estate and there are those who want to buy homes for their families. They get the opportunity to interact with each other at Black Hawk. This platform is simple to use and a very secure way to exchange money.

Making a real estate investment is assumed to have a higher upfront cost.  Real estate investments in the P2P world do not have to be that costly and limited to the wealthy. Anyone can make an investment in this highly lucrative platform.  People will come looking for money and the investors will go looking for those who want to borrow money. The interest rates are very reasonable and as mentioned above the lending process is secure.

About Black Hawk Corp

Black Hawk Corp is a platform that gives the opportunity for borrowers to access the ideal marketplace lender to purchase that piece of real estate that they would like to procure. It is a great place for all who have been shut out from the credit market for one reason or the other. With Black Hawk Corp. borrowers and lenders are able to interact with each other effortlessly. To find out more contact us below:

Email: info@blackhawkinv.com
Phone: 888-822-3888

Benefits of Marketplace Lending for Real Estate

Real estate marketplace lending is making a huge impact in the world for commercial real estate loans. This form of lending could shift the private lending industry by increasing the capital supply for borrowers while lower their cost and providing a new investors fixed rates between 6% – 10% instead a 1% or less for bank’s time deposits or money market accounts. Marketplace lending platforms is an efficient space for investors and borrowers to meet directly and finalize a mutually beneficial loan. The lenders may be individuals as accredited investors, pooled individuals via private equity funds, or institutional investors. The major benefits of using these platforms include:
• Speed – loan approval is substantially faster then the traditional bank.
• Convenience – online applications and uploading supporting documents from the comfort of your home.
• Reasonable terms – Rate and terms that match your expectations; otherwise your expectations are unrealistic with the market’s supply and demand curves and may be modified until a match is achieved.
Real estate peer loans provide the investors with a secured investment via a recorded first lien position on the borrower’s real estate, and in exchange the borrower will receive the necessary bridge funding required to complete their real estate project. It’s a win – win for both lender and borrower. The loans are usually 1-2 years and guaranteed always by the collateralize subject properties.

Market Lending for Properties beyond Bank Credit

Marketplace lending is a relatively new industry that has witnessed unprecedented development. It provides lenders and borrowers with an effective alternative to conventional financing solutions. Marketplace lending offers numerous benefits to both investors and borrowers of funds. Borrowers simply utilize online resources to enable them to make applications within a short period of time.

During the process of applying, the borrower provides the required information in order for him to be considered for funding. The process of verifying applications and loans is carried out fast, which is essential for people who want quick access to funds. Reasonable interest rates are put in place and borrowers do not have to worry about any hidden fees being included in the process.

Conventional finance sources such as banks typically subject borrowers to high interest rates, stringent regulations for seeking approval and lengthy approval processes. On the other hand, market lending supplies various advantages that include low interest rates, faster approval processes and readily accessible loans.

Real estate peer-to-peer funding is an important aspect of a successful investment strategy. It makes easier for people to be able to finance their real estate investments. P2P loans are an appealing option for investors who seek to enjoy impressive returns, consistent sources of funding and simple processes.

P2P lending has the ability to rejuvenate the economy and have a positive effect on the funding of businesses and properties. Intermediaries who serve the purpose of linking borrowers and investors facilitate P2P loans; borrowers who require loans to finance their businesses can acquire direct access to available investors through these intermediaries.

The process of lending funds takes place online through a platform that is provided by the intermediary. Applicants begin the process by filling in forms online where they make their requests for loans. They will be able to establish whether their loan applications were approved in just a few days. The criteria used when approving loan requests depends on the platform being used.

The lenders are at liberty to make a choice regarding who they will issue loans to. Loan requests that are deemed successful are made available on the site and this gives interested investors the opportunity to make their bids. The process of making bids involves stating how much they can lend along with the interest rates. After accepting the loan offered the funds are made available as quickly as possible.


Quick application processes, lower interest rates, reasonable repayment periods and ease of funding are some of the benefits that marketplace lending offers to borrowers while ensuring that investors thrive as well.


Vincent Garibaldi