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Interview with Michael Ping, Blackhawk Founder and CEO

Michael Ping has an easy analogy when describing his concept of Peer-to-Peer lending at Blackhawk Corp: “It’s kind of like investment online dating,” he says.  “We help match up the interested lenders with the appropriate borrowers.” That’s not to trivialize the impact P2P lending is making on the commercial real estate market. Blackhawk Corp. is … Continue reading Interview with Michael Ping, Blackhawk Founder and CEO

Blackhawk Launches New Website

Blackhawk, the company bringing lenders up to 11% annual returns on notes secured by real estate and low rates for borrowers, has officially launched their new website. now boasts a contemporary, straightforward layout describing everything you need to know about their lending process.


Peer to Peer at a Glance with Blackhawk Investment Corp.

Peer to Peer lending, also known as person to person lending, is a fast growing business model that provides opportunities to borrow and invest through Peer investors. The Peer to Peer lending method has eliminated the traditional financial intermediaries through online platforms and private investors. While most P2P lending companies like Lending Club and Prosper are unsecured loans with a cap of $35,000. Blackhawk Investments is adventuring into the world of secured loans involving commercial and investment property owners.