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Why You Should Consider Using Commercial Real Estate Peer to Peer Lending for Construction Financing

When it comes to property development, many investors seek construction financing. Unfortunately, some property developers or real estate investors are turned away by banks for poor credit rating. This has made many of them turn to alternative forms of financing. Today, there are many investors who use peer to peer lending marketplaces. These enable them to get loans that they need to fund their construction projects. Basically, peer to peer marketplaces bring investors with money that they want to invest passively and those looking for financing together. Even those turned away by banks due to low credit rating secure loans in these marketplaces.

Who is using peer to peer lending?

Passive investors and active investors are using peer to peer lending. Passive investors are individuals with capital that they want to invest while separating it from their income. These do not have adequate time to commit to their actual investments. As such, they lend their money to investors who want to engage in actual investment or active investors. These are investors who need financing so that they can engage in actual property development. Basically, peer to peer lending is solving the problems of these two types of investors.

Bridge loans

Commercial real estate peer to peer lending is providing bridge loans that help investors in renovation projects. These investors are turning to these places to get the financing that they need. There are investors that are interested in financing or participating in the ownership of properties especially commercial properties. With peer to peer lending, investors get a chance to own properties without being involved in their direct development. They provide financing only.

Why choose peer to peer lending

With peer to peer lending, money does not benefit the banks as well as other financial lenders or institutions. This is because it passes from lenders to borrowers. Borrowers who need loans are matched with investors who want to lend the amount of the loans that they want. Basically, lenders lend money and it comes back at a certain interest. Additionally, this lending provides an opportunity for lenders to be matched with the most ideal investment opportunity for them depending on their criteria.

Basically, you if you need financing fast, you have bad credit or you want to get a loan at a good interest rate, you should consider this lending. It is one of the best forms of private mortgage that you can get.

Commercial Real Estate Peer to Peer Lending: The Best Way to get a Construction Loan

Are you looking for a construction loan? Then you should consider peer to peer lending. This is one of the most popular ways that investors in real estate are using to fund their investments.  Over the recent years, it has enabled many borrowers to acquire loans they need to grow their investments in real estate. Peer to peer lending is now being used by people from different parts of the world.

Suitable for commercial investors

Commercial Real Estate peer to peer lending enables individual investors to get loans of varying sizes. There are many peer to peer lending companies that enable individuals to get loans for building their properties.  Borrowers no longer have to wait for long approval times required by banks. They are being used by individuals who want to buy commercial properties and those who want to purchase family homes. All these have an opportunity for interacting with peer lenders online and getting the loans that they need. Peer to peer lending is secure and easy to use as long as you choose a reliable online platform.

Anyone can now invest in real estate

In the past, real estate investments were considered a preserve for the wealthy.  With peer to peer lending, venturing into real estate investment is possible.  You can get a loan even when banks deny you a loan. Worried about your credit score?  Get a loan with peer to peer lending.  This form of lending brings together people that are looking for loans or money to invest in real estate and those looking for borrowers together. The loans have reasonable rates and the entire lending process is very secure. Getting these loans is simply getting a private mortgage. Consider Peer to Peer Lending if you want to venture into real estate and you need extra financing for your investment venture.

Why Use Peer to Peer Lending when Seeking Construction Financing and Capital Stack

Do you need construction financing and capital stack? Then consider using peer to peer lending platforms. Peer to peer lending has made it easier for investors in real estate to get financing that they need for their investment projects. Whether you want to invest in the renovation of a new project or to develop a property, you can get financing with peer to peer lending. This relatively new form of loaning is making it easier for even small income earners to venture into real estate investment.

Work with the best lenders

If you are dealing with property rehabilitation, you most likely need financing to buy and renovate properties. It will enable you to find a lender that is ready to finance your real estate investment. The loan will cover the property purchase as well as the cost of buying it.  Generally, peer to peer lending provides the best option for you if you need construction financing and capital stack.

Commercial Real Estate Investing Made Easy By Peer Investing and Construction Loans

Commercial real estate investing is now easy thanks to peer to peer lending. Peer to peer lending is a method enabling investors to get loans without having to involve banks and other traditional institutions.  Borrowers are finding the best lenders who have money they want to invest indirectly. Simply put, active investors are getting loans from passive investors. Both parties are benefiting from this form of loaning method.

Bad credit is not longer an issue

Perhaps, your bank has denied you a loan just because you bad credit. This should not hinder you from accomplishing your investment goals. You can get financing for your real estate investment project with peer to peer lending.  Many people have invested in real estate by taking advantage of the opportunity that peer to peer investing and construction loans have provided. With peer to peer lending, real estate investments are no longer a preserve for the wealthy few. Even small income earners are now venturing into real estate.

Get money fast

Perhaps, you have come across an investment opportunity that you want to exploit. Maybe you do not want to wait for long to receive your money. In that case, peer to peer lending might be the best option for you. Loan applications are approved fast by peer to peer lenders. This implies that you can get your loan faster than you might have imagined.

Good rates

Major hindrances for most people when it comes to getting loans are the rates. Banks and other lending institutions charge very high rates which make their loans unsuitable for some borrowers. However, with peer to peer loans, you can get a low interest rate for your loan. The interest rates for these loans are basically lower than those of hard money. Nevertheless, they are still great loans for investors.

Basically, when you need a loan and your bank has rejected your application you can turn to peer to peer lending.  If you do not have all the time to wait for a bank or any other traditional lender to process your loan, you can also turn to peer to peer lending. It is currently the most ideal way of getting construction financing especially when you want to get money for a real estate investment project faster or a loan with a better rate.

Funding for your Real Estate Project

Shopping for a loan doesn’t have to be so difficult.  With the rise in P2P lending companies like BlackHawk Investment you can get qualified fast.

Shopping for your next project is an exciting activity. The biggest problem for most people  is the investment. Sourcing for capital for that project can be difficult.

Currently, the hottest trend in the money market is peer-to-peer lending. As the name might suggest this is like getting your friend(s) to loan you the money. However, it does not work in this way exactly.  You get in touch with people from all over the world and they give you money by creating a pool of funds. Doing this is not a simple task. You will need the help of companies like BlackHawk.

Blackhawk is a real estate peer to peer platform that allows real estate investors and borrowers the opportunity to interact with each other across the country.  Generally the process involves creating your account on the platform and then interacting with the lenders. As a lender you get the chance to make secured investments in the real estate industry.  This is now one of the world’s most lucrative industries.

To get those commercial real estate loans don’t hesitate to visit BlackHawk.  There isn’t a single bank on this planet that can match up to the P2P lending rates.  To learn more about the various financing offered at Blackhawk, log on to and fill out a short form with what you are looking for or call our toll free number today.

P2P Lending Penetrates the Real Estate Industry

Peer to Peer lending is one of the best ways to access loans nowadays. It started in small and business loans, but the results that it is bringing are unquestionably great. The fact that it has been able to make its way into the real estate industry is a sign of great things to come.

Peer to Peer lending commonly known as P2P lending is a very simple way of getting loans and it has grown over the past few years. This is probably because of the growth and development of internet technology.  People from all over the world are making use of P2P lending. It is a type of marketplace lending where individuals get to access loans of all sizes. There are so many upcoming P2P lending companies that are coming up, one that really stands out is Black Hawk Corp.

Black Hawk Corp. has grown just like the P2P lending itself. This is one of the most trusted peer lending platforms today. It is one of the few that places their focus in the Commercial real estate industry. There are many people who want to make money in real estate and there are those who want to buy homes for their families. They get the opportunity to interact with each other at Black Hawk. This platform is simple to use and a very secure way to exchange money.

Making a real estate investment is assumed to have a higher upfront cost.  Real estate investments in the P2P world do not have to be that costly and limited to the wealthy. Anyone can make an investment in this highly lucrative platform.  People will come looking for money and the investors will go looking for those who want to borrow money. The interest rates are very reasonable and as mentioned above the lending process is secure.

About Black Hawk Corp

Black Hawk Corp is a platform that gives the opportunity for borrowers to access the ideal marketplace lender to purchase that piece of real estate that they would like to procure. It is a great place for all who have been shut out from the credit market for one reason or the other. With Black Hawk Corp. borrowers and lenders are able to interact with each other effortlessly. To find out more contact us below:

Phone: 888-822-3888

A Simple Guide to P2P Real Estate Lending

Have you ever imagined rather than walking into a bank for loan, you were lending out funds to borrowers? Through a reputable p2p marketplace lender, you can do just that.  A p2p lending club will allow you to invest your money by lending it to borrowers seeking investment property loans in exchange for attractive interest rates.

Some of the most reputable P2P companies will enable you get returns of over 9.6%, which is much higher than most investment options in the traditional markets.  In comparison to other investment types, you are able to manage your risks.  In this situation you are now the bank, lending out the money and the sole decision maker on the loans you wish to approve and reject.

To maximize your returns on commercial real estate investing, you need to have an investment strategy. Here is a checklist of things to keep an eye out for. Remember to do a thorough research prior to investing.

  • Credit Score — should be more than 678.
  • Debt Refinance — seek borrowers that will pay higher interest rates
  • Delinquencies in the previous 2 years— there should be none.
  • Government Job — preferred employment in the government
  • Interest Rate — all with preference to higher ones. Mix the loan grades to stabilize and increase returns.
  • Job Tenure — long record of employment, ideally 10 or more years.
  • Loan Purpose — you may want to seek a borrower going for a better rate and debt reduction
  • Loan Term — start with the 36 months and when you are conversant with the investment business, you can go for the longer 3-5.
  • Debt: Income ratio — preferably low
  • Several Small Loans — create a portfolio with a minimum of 200 notes. With more notes your portfolio will be more even and the performance will be better. You will spread the risk better in the event a default occurs. Hence, you will need a minimum amount of $ 5000 to invest and 800 notes which means $20,000 is an ideal amount to invest.
  • Minimum employment period: should be more than a year; the longer the period of employment, the better.
  • Reviewed by the P2P — It is preferable that you have the P2P check out the borrower and give their reviews. This will mean that there is a better chance of loan repayment.

Top Tips for Successful Peer to Peer Investing

Peer to Peer lending, also commonly know as P2P lending is a simple way to invest and borrow money. Just like with any other investment platform out there, you need to have a good strategy on how to invest your money. With the right tips, you should be able to see a good return on your investment and greatly reduce your risks.

Investing the Smart Way

The first tip is to diversify. This is something that is preached in all kinds of investments, and the same applies on peer to peer platforms. Ideally, you should invest in at least 200 notes. The idea here is to spread out your risk as much as possible.

Next, reinvest your earnings. As people pay back their loans in the course of social investing, you begin to see money coming into your account. This money does not earn any interest. The best way to ensure that you make the most out of your earnings and returns is to plough them back in additional investments. Many peer to peer platforms have an automated investing tool to automatically reinvest the returns. The tools allow you to preset the loan grades you are interested in.

Increased risk often results in higher returns and the same applies to peer to peer investing. If you are uncomfortable at first, you can start with low risk loans. As you get more comfortable, it may be a good idea to increase your risk. It is however important to learn as much about the economy and market as possible before investing in high risk loans. Talk to a professional and get advice on how to go about your investment. People who invest in higher risk loans on peer to peer lending platforms typically earn a greater return.

Lastly, stay updated on all the events surrounding peer to peer lending. This is still a fairly new concept and changes affecting both the lender and borrower can happen at any time. It is therefore important that you stay updated with what is going on in the industry.

All in all, these tips will mean nothing if you do not choose the best peer to peer lending company to begin with. Blackhawk Investments is one of the top real estate peer lending company’s out there, offering people without a private mortgage the chance to invest.

Peer to Peer Investing is The Way to Invest and Borrow

Peer to Peer investing, a type of market place lending is an online based platform that connects lenders and borrowers directly. This kind of real estate lending is asset-backed and has advantages over traditional banks and financial institutions. For investors, peer to peer real lending allows them to break into the residential and commercial mortgage market where they would otherwise find it difficult to do so. These investments are typically low risk and yield high returns. Borrowers who do not have access to the credit market can benefit from the opportunities offered by this type of framework.

Peer to Peer for Commercial Real Estate Investing

Working with the right peer to peer company can translate into some great opportunities for both the investor and borrower who are looking to get into the real estate market. Such a company is experienced in all aspects relating to commercial real estate investing. This means that the company is easily able to assess risks and offer the investor a good return on their investment. This is usually between six and 11 percent annually.

Investing with a good company also allows for a secured investment. These investments are typically secured in a trust deed. Lastly, investors can enjoy a fixed maturity date. This can range from one to three years depending on the terms of agreement.

It is not just the investor who has a lot to gain from a good peer to peer company. People looking for commercial real estate loans and benefit from friendly rates, usually lower than what the banks are willing to offer. Borrowers can usually post their loan request coupled with their preferred rate and terms. These can be negotiated to ensure that both the investor and the borrower are happy.

Peer to peer marketplaces also enjoy faster closing times. Once a loan is approved, the borrower can gain access to their money from their checking account. The loan application and qualification is also fast and easy.

Peer to peer investing is transforming the real estate and financial world.  Blackhawk has taken the lead in providing service for Commercial Lending and is dedicated to facilitating smooth peer to peer transactions.  With a social lending platform, whether you would like to invest in commercial real estate or finance your next project, Blackhawk can help you find a match.  Log on to for more information.

Break into the Commercial Real Estate Market through Market Place Lending

The current credit market has shut out a lot of borrowers who are looking for investment property loans. Financial institutions that still invest in the residential and commercial mortgage market make it difficult for new investors to secure funding for their investments. Fortunately, peer to peer investment companies bring together investors and borrowers with shared interests to work together to achieve their financial goals.

Borrowing from a Peer to Peer Market Place

Peer to peer market places make it extremely easy for borrowers to find investors and borrow money for their real estate projects. With a few simple steps, it is possible to find and borrow from a market place lender and get good terms and interest rates.

Peer to peer market places also offer faster closing times. Working directly with a lender means that there is no bureaucracy and company policy involved, speeding up the process of actually receiving the money you need. A reputable market place also has transparent and honest lending processes and makes qualification quick and easy.

One such peer to peer market place is Blackhawk. Such companies are committed to fostering mutually beneficial relationships between lenders and borrowers particularly in the real estate market. Traditional financial institutions are no longer the only source of capital for people looking to get into the commercial or residential real estate market.