Do Extraterrestrials Exist? Five Experts Gave Surprising Answers

We have to agree that not all people believe that, in fact, life can exist on other planets. But unlike that kind of thinking, science and physics are showing us that the probability of life out there is really very high. Plus it’s very selfish to think we’d be alone in such a huge universe. And that we wouldn’t find alien lives , if they really exist.

Furthermore, many people seem to be sure that governments have enough evidence to prove the existence of these beings, but that they hide this information from the general population. Perhaps that’s why there is so much speculation about the content of a non-confidential report that will be released later this month by the Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) task force.

This document is due out on June 25th and is supposed to give a comprehensive summary of what the US government knows about UAs also called UFOs.

Life off earth

While this report is not yet in the public domain, The New York Times recently reported that it had received a preview of the findings from unidentified senior officials who were privy to the report’s content.

According to Times sources, the document gives no clear link or association between more than 120 incidents of UFO sightings over the past two decades and the possibility that our planet has been visited by aliens.

If the Times sources are to be believed, it is clear that there is still no good reason to interpret an unexplained object in the sky as evidence of aliens.

But does this mean that there are no aliens in space? And if they really exist, will we be able to find them? These questions were asked to five experts and four of them said that extraterrestrials do exist.

May exist

Astrobiologist Jonti Horner said the answer is a definite yes. But that the real question should be whether the aliens are close enough for us to discover them.

“The space is incredibly big. 

As for astrophysicist Steven Tingay, the answer is also affirmative, but it is bold. “I consider the term “alien” to refer to all forms of life, as we understand it on Earth, residing in places other than Earth. That said, there is currently no detailed consensus on the definition of “life”. It’s a very complex concept. But if we discovered something like bacteria somewhere other than Earth, I would classify it as alien life,” he pointed out.

For planetary scientists Helen Maynard-Casely it’s only a matter of time before we find something resembling biology somewhere other than Earth.

“This is because we are increasingly finding several potential pockets in our solar system that can be hospitable to life as we know it,” she said.

The idea that we’ll find life, but that it won’t look like us, is the vision of space technology expert Rebecca Allen. ”

“When we hear the word ‘alien’, however, the image of a humanoid life form often comes to mind. 

Do not exist

But it’s not all experts who think we’ll find life outside of Earth, or that it exists. The astrobiologist Martin Van Kranendonk-believe they do not exist. Even so, he still makes his reservations.

“ If we use purely empirical data and assume that the question refers to any type of life outside of Earth that is unrelated to human activity, then the answer – as far as we know – should be no. But, of course, our knowledge regarding this issue is finite; We don’t investigate every corner of the Universe for signs of life, and we don’t even know what life can constitute in another chemical system, as there is no consensual definition of life based on carbon even here on Earth. So perhaps the broader answer is we don’t know,” he concluded.